Welcome to the Louisiana Emergency Nurses Association (LENA) website. The mission of the Emergency Nurses Association is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice.  ENA is the only professional nursing association dedicated to defining the future of emergency nursing and emergency care through advocacy, expertise, innovation and leadership.  ENA fosters this mission through public safety, continuing education, nursing research, and promotion of the profession, which serve to maintain quality of patient care and have a positive influence in our state. 

If you are a member of National ENA, and have indicated that you live in Louisiana - you are also a member of LENA.  All members belong to our national association, have representation on the state council, and belong to a local chapter. Our State Council is governed by an executive board and committees. All members have representation. The State Council meets quarterly; dates and locations will be posted on this site.

About ENA

ENA's History

In 1968, Anita M. Dorr, RN and Judith C. Kelleher, RN, working at opposite sides of the United States, perceived a need for nurses involved in emergency health care to pool their resources in order to set standards and develop improved methods of effective emergency nursing practice. In addition, they wished to provide continuing education programs for emergency nurses as well as a united voice for nurses involved in emergency care.

By 1970, Ms. Dorr had formed the Emergency Room Nurses Organization on the east coast and Ms. Kelleher had formed the Emergency Department Nurses Association on the west coast. The two groups joined forces and the Association was initially incorporated as the Emergency Department Nurses Association (EDNA) in Rochester, New York on December 1, 1970. The first National Association meeting was held in New York in 1971.

In 1985, the Association name was changed to Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), recognizing the practice of emergency nursing as role-specific rather than site-specific.

Originally aimed at teaching and networking, the organization has evolved into an authority, advocate, lobbyist, and voice for emergency nursing. ENA has  40,000+ members and continues to grow, with members representing over 35 countries around the world.

ENA's Vision & Mission Statement

ENA is indispensable to the global emergency nursing community.





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